A journey to the country, that presented the world with
concepts of freedom of speech and individuality, is possible
in more than just your mind now.

Our dedicated specialists will be glad to assist you with choosing the item you've been looking for, and (thanks to our international partners) delivering it to your door at the lowest price available, regardless of your location worldwide. Would you like to know more? Allow us to take 5 minutes of your time to describe a simple and smart method, designed by the best logistics specialists. Hundreds of customers receive their shipments every week, but every interaction is unique!

We do more than anyone else to make shopping world easier and handier than ever.

We also believe that interaction with a carrier must be transparent; therefore even complex logistic solutions are presented in the most understandable manner.

domestic shipping address (presented by the company)

ACTUAL SHOPPING is an organization that allows you to order merchandize from the USA, using the US domestic shipping addresses (presented by the company), as well as US Cards issued at your name. You may sign up for the service in any of the 112 countries.

locate your shipment everywere

Unique logistics system will allow you to locate your shipment from the store it's been ordered at throughout a travel line to you. Every shipment has a unique internal tracking number, given to you once the order is completed. Long history of partnership with all major carriers, such as FedEx, UPS, DHL, and USPS makes it possible to offer the lowest rates possible for ground, sea or air delivery.

from different stores into one container

Our packing service will combine deliveries from different stores into one container to cut down on shipping costs even more. All you need to do is pick the products you want - the rest is our responsibility. However, our assistance is not only limited by shipping services. Our shopping managers will find the best offers for any merchandize you are interested in and arrange a discount for you. It's easy to miss a sale due to lack of time or experience. Luckily now you have our staff to worry about it.

Our Services

For US customers

149 / mo


This service plan is ideal for customers, who can't afford the time to stay at home waiting for their shipment.

349 / mo


Imagine you want to purchase something, no one else should know about.

International customers

99 / mo


We offer a service which allows you to open a prepaid card with billing and shipping address of your associate, friend or family member, residing in the US.

299 / mo


Every customer choosing this plan is able to manage and track orders via online interface from any of the 112 countries worldwide.

499 / mo


This is an ALL INCLUSIVE plan, featuring all services provided with Premium and Basic plans and more.

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